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Welcome to the Store 

Are you ready to discover a world of amazing music and merchandise from your favorite quirky retro indie pop singer-songwriter? With just one click, you can get your hands on exclusive products, put together by Skye herself.

But that's not all, we're excited to celebrate the start of Skye's album journey into the big wide world with three fantastic 'music and merch' bundles that come with great savings! Are you a lady who loves to indulge in deluxe packages? Or perhaps you're a tech lover who enjoys the latest gadgets and gear? Or maybe you're a classic type of person who loves timeless pieces? Whatever your style, we've got you covered with our Ladies' Delux Bundle, Tech Lover's Bundle, and Classic Bundle.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to take home Skye Ember's music and merchandise in one go!


Get inspired, uplifted and happy shopping!

Skye Ember xx

P.S. Remember, when you buy Skye's music and merchandise, you're supporting an independent artist who pours her heart and soul into every note and lyric. Thank you for your support!

Skye's Personal Faves


Are you an old-school muso?

The 'Classic bundle' might be just for you. It's got a hoodie, a personalised, signed CD, (yes - a real old-school signed CD, remember those?! Of course you do - they are all stacked in your living room) Also thrown in is a cosy beanie hat so you will be festival-ready whatever the weather!

Are you a fun-loving female?


For the ladies,' who want a piece of musical history to keepsake with their childhood journals, the Ladies' Delux Bundle is especially for you. You can never have to many bags, right? So here's a Skye Ember one to add to your collection. With a classic fitted t-shirt and hoodie perfect for any occasion, get out there and have fun!

Are you tech-hungry? 

Ok, child of the digtial age - forget CDs. You are a super-savvy tech high flyer and are all about the downloads, streaming, the latest stuff, fast. With this Tech Lovers' Bundle, you can savour your morning coffee in our Skye Ember inspirational mug, throw on your T-shirt and hoodie, and go hit the world hard. 

Do you support independent music?

You know the blood, sweat and tears that goes into making music and putting it out there, and that independent musicians put their heart and soul into an art that only a limited number of people get to access and appreciate. 

Show your support to Skye Ember's artistry by purchasing your own personally signed CD and keep real music alive! 

What else is there in the store?

Click the 'GO TO STORE' button below to see the full range of products. 

To launch the opening of the Skye Ember Store, we have put together a hand-picked selection of top merchandise bundles to fit your lifestyle. 

Check out the bundle that interests you below or scroll down to 'GO TO STORE' to see the full range of music and merch.

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