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Emma Lauson, BA, PGCE

Digital Content Producer 

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I am passionate about creating engaging content to share the story and vision of the brand I represent, promoting it and making an impact across multiple digital platforms. I relish tailoring the product to the specific needs of the client and aim for excellent quality content with in-built flexibility to suit the needs of the target audience.


I have proudly worked with: 

*KKCL English 

*KKCL Juniors 

*Go Create! English

*Gallery Teachers 

*Young Talent Festival

Success (1) : Generated 60% repeat sales for educational agents purchasing Go Create! English. 

Success (2) : Pitched in-person to Harrow Council counsellors & secured their backing for YTF

Success (3): Increased student numbers attending Create! English by 200% compared to previous year.  

Project History

Digital Content Producer for KKCL Juniors.

Sales Executive, Course Designer and Student Induction Manager for Go Create! English.

Brand Ambassador for KKCL English.

Pitched Young Talent Festival

General Secretary for Gallery Teachers

Produced engaging, age and level-appropriate EFL videos with accompanying written materials, to be used by online learners of English for self-study and in class. CLICK LINK

Explained the Go Create! English product to international agents, clients and stakeholders to secure growth in sales. Used PowerPoints, bespoke videos and in-person conversations to explain the objectives and suitability of the product. Led team of 5 staff team to modify the product, once purchased, to suit the specific needs of the customer. This enhanced customer satisfaction and generated repeat business as a result. CLICK LINK

Led Branding Team to strategically position branded content across EFL teaching materials, academic events and campuses. Developed strong in-person relationships with key external stakeholders to encourage future partnership developments. Created podcasts for teachers and learners to continue engagement after they had left the country. CLICK LINK

Pitched Young Talent Festival to Harrow County Council and secured backing from the counsellors for Education and the Arts, ensuring the festival could go ahead with their support. 

Triaged CRM client requests via Zendesk and provided timely response to clients' queries about membership and online EFL training courses. 

Let's Connect 

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Leaf Pattern Design
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