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'Be Brave' Release

"Like a sweet chant to the body and soul" #indiepop #ballad #lullaby #newmusic

Be Brave was released on 11th November 2022, aptly on Rememberance Day, which remembers the brave men and women who demonstrated extraordinary courage and bravery fighting for their country. However, it is not that kind of bravery that this single is about. Be Brave is Skye Ember's Indie Pop Lullaby. It is written from the persepctive of a mother singing to her unborn daugher to protect her through life. It is a thought-provoking and mellow ballad which showcases Skye Ember's delicate sweet vocal, exquisite lyrics and a rich, smooth production. In the words of Ívina, from Brazil's major streaming platform, Palco MP3, the track is "it is a beautiful message in a warmful melody and vocal. It feels like a sweet chant to the body and soul.." With the track now out on Spotify and all major platforms as well as the official video premiering on YouTube, you can see for yourself.


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